Selecting Activities

Thrilling the Family with Colorful Activities

The heart of every reunion are the families that attend, however, the soul of the reunion lies within it’s activities. Activities are what brings the family together each day to bond us and bring us closer to one another. Without a well planned and ideal balance of activities, then you’re likely to see family members going off to do their own stuff. It’s important you plan the right balance of activities to include everyone, and not over-pack the day so everyone gets burned out, but instead brings everyone together for memorable fun.

Important: It’s been my experience to not start your activities too early, as many members of the family have different sleeping habits. It’s wise to schedule 2-hour lunches (for some nap-time), 1-hour free time here-and-there, and time in the evening for sitting around to chat. I’ve posted a reunion calendar as an example for you to view or download and use as a template if you wish.

Depending on where you’re holding the reunion, will also depend on the activities. For example, if you’re going to a dude’s ranch then you better plan for more rugged activities than say at a park with lots of grass, in which you will probably do a lot of fun relay games, sports, and more. If you choose the beach, then it’s all about building sand castles, playing volleyball, football, flying kites, and playing in the water. has created the following chart to help you get started in your selection process:

Family Bonding Relay Races – Families competing against other families!

The following are few of the many family reunion relay races that you can play with your family. These can be incorporated into a family Olympics style tournament. Keep reading to learn more.

·         Posterity Carry

o   This is a hilarious relay race in which the Mom’s have to position the kids / posterity somewhere on Dad. Dad then has to carry the children without any of them touching the ground down, around a cone 40 feet away and come back.

Caution: this activity is a little dangerous as Dad’s tend to fall and could land on a child, so be careful. It’s best to have the Mom’s walk next to the Dad to guide them. Be prepared for lots of laughter and crying though.

·         No One Left Behind

o   Each family member lines-up in a line as if you’re doing a relay race. The person in the back gets into crawling position and crawls under the legs of every other family member until they reach the front. This is done repetitively, until each family slowly makes their way down around a cone and back. The first family back the start wins.

·         Hunt for the Prodigal Child

o   Each Mom will need a blind fold. Make a large circle out of rope or cones. Place the blindfolded Moms in the middle with the children scattered with their Dad’s around the outside of the circle. With the Mom’s blindfolded, give the children and their Dad’s 10 seconds to quietly move and change places with other’s outside the circle, without the Mom’s knowing. Then, on “go”, the kids start calling for their Mom, while the Mom’s have to find their kids and take them back to their Dad.

Note: Mom’s can only take one child at a time and then must go find one more, they can’t walk around collecting all their kids at once to return them to their Dad.

·         Express Your Talents

o   Each family will need to designate someone in line to complete the following talents to perform during the relay race: 1st person=cartwheels, 2nd person = CrabWalk, 3rd & 4th person=wheel barrow crawl (crawl on feet, while someone holds your legs), 5th person=run backward, and 6th person=skip and whistle or sing.

Note: More or less than six people you can adjust as necessary.

·         Hocus Pocus, Keep Your Eye on the Goal

o   Each family will take turns running down 40 ft. to a waiting bat / stick. They need to pick the bat up, put the butt-end of it on their forehead, lean down as if you’re putting the other end on the ground and turn around 5 times before running back to touch the next person in line.

Note: It’s a good idea to have someone in-charge count the turns by each family member as they tend to cut them short. It’s funnier to get people dizzy and see how well they can run back to touch the next person in line.


Ambitious and little more competitive families can make their activities into a family Olympics. We did this in which we held an opening ceremony, including a parade of families in which each family can show off their family t-shirts, flag, or Kress. We also had each family share a fun cheer.

Afterwards, we held different activities through each day in which family members could receive points for their individual family. On the last day, we awarded everyone a gold plate with a unique award, and gave the family with the most points the family reunion “Wacky Olympics Grand Trophy”. They are now responsible for adding to the trophy something that represent their family and bring it back to the next reunion.   

You can download a brochure outlining the details on how to hold a Family Olympics by clicking here