Delegating Assignments

Your survey results will give you a better understanding of who will be attending and what responsibilities they have had in past reunions vs. what they desire to lead in the next reunion. You will find that most family members will be willing to help with whatever you assign them as the reunion chair. If you make it fair and simple to understand, you will find that assigned members really step up to the plate and deliver well above the expectations.

I can't over emphasize the point of communication. After you decide on the specific events/tasks you plan to build into your reunion agenda, and after you select owners, then you will need to clearly communicate the job responsibility and what's expected in a very simple and kind way. I typically would let people know of their assignment via email as well as post an ownership chart to your family reunion website. The following is an example list of reunion tasks, in which are also clearly explained:

Food & Meal Planning (Dinner)
- Plan menu and handle food assignments. Decide on venu and whether or not we go out to a restruant or stay at the condo. One of the nights will be at the gathering family room we will be renting.
    +Materials: Will need to secure all cups, utinsels, plates, bowls, napkins, etc. (reimburseable) 
Food & Meal Planning (Lunch)
-Plan menu and handle food assignments. Decide on venu and whether or not we go out to a restruant or stay at the condo. One of the afternoon may be out at the beach, etc.
    +Materials: Will need to secure all cups, utinsels, plates, bowls, napkins, etc. (reimburseable) 
- Review all of the methods used and decide on best format for the purpose of raising money for the family reunion fund. Note: try to encourage a mix of participation, products that fit everyone's needs but most importantly help drive funding for the general family fund. We would encourage a format that generates money from outside sources, rather than from each other.
Skits/Talent Show
- Every family must participate. This is something that should follow a program format with an agenda, will encourage all to participate, and most important be fun. It can be a skit, karoke, talent show, dance night, etc. We will work to have a stage with sound system and microphone. Please make sure everyone knows what's expected of them by way of theme, costumes, and time allotted, etc.
Recipe Book
- Find a format that will work best to organize and capture yummy recipes. Encourage others to follow and submit recipes in a format that best meets your needs. Feel free to use this site to collect recipes and collect ideas.
- Share past reunion fun and capture current reunion memories. Create a photo collage, CD or book for everyone to keep as memories together. Encourage sharing of geneology and past ancestorial stories. Encourage temple work for family ancestors. We will provide a projector to have a slide show at the end of the reunion to share our fun memories together. 
- Gathering for morning and evening prayer. Also may include songs, activities, spiritual thoughts and a family home evening on Monday night. Encourage each family participate in organizing a "get-to-know" you game and activity during the time we are together.
Welcoming & Hospitality
- Make sure everyone has maps to get to the venue. Organize and set-up accomodations, rooms, etc.
Fun Family Activities
- Plan the schedule, days activities, family games, and assign families to organize and lead activities.
Prize Patrol
- Work with reunion events & skits leaders to provide awards, trophy's, game prizes. The trophy may be something like the "Family Cup" given to the best skit - something that can be handed off every two years. You may also have other corky prizes like farthest traveled, most well packed, etc.
Family Pictures
- Find a locatoin, photographer, pricing, and colors/clothing everyone needs to wear. Make sure the payment is made to the photographer to collect money or be reimbursed by fund. Also, you will be in charge of organizing the collecting photos from everyone to give to the historian.
Service Project
- You will receive and email communication to collect ideas and plan this fun event.  

Also, here is an example of the communication through the Ownership Chart: