Bringing it to Life

As the chair of the reunion, bringing the reunion to life is done by energizing the group to establish a common purpose toward coming together.  I’ve found that the more you communicate the progress of the planning  the more you will have people engaged. It should start with a kickoff communication 6-12 months in advance, and include monthly updates, with weekly updates during the last 1-2 months. All the way up to the time you meet. has developed a set of tactics that we suggest using to set the get people engaged to effectively bring your reunion to life. They help me stay organized, establish my leadership, and begin bringing people together.

The Agenda

Communicating the agenda well in advance helps owners to task have a clear understanding of how the reunion will progress. To better help you prepare, see the agenda page of

The Communication

Keep sending email updates often, especially as progress is made. Be personable and have fun; everyone will enjoy participating more if you provide a little laughter in your emails. As you ask individuals to lead certain tasks, be sure to call them on the phone to discuss and set expectations.

Getting started

Take immediate charge of the reunion from the get go. Arrive to the location 1-2 hours earlier than the other family members to welcome with open arms and hugs. Feel free to build small gift baskets for each family. Make sure you have a paper pad, printed calendar, and stationary to use for them to stay organized. One year, we bought each family a large pack of starburst, wrapped it with a bow and put a fun note on it that said, “we are bursting with excitement to be with you!”

Initial Meeting on Site

Now that you’re all together, be sure to have a brief meeting with the adults to go over the rules of lodging. Share the calendar of events, remind families of their duties, and explain to everyone that there is no pressure to attend everything. Also, encourage we do things together to build family unity

Ask for feedback and then close

Remember, always ask for questions and answers.